Improve your lifestyle with a 12 week fitness program

Six pack shortcuts programs by Mike Chang is a nutritional fitness package designed to help lose fats, gain muscles and to establish a daily routine of a healthy lifestyle. While the program has many advantages, it is also known to have certain disadvantages. In order to understand the implications of this program, it is important to know both. Listed are some of the pros and cons of Six Pack Shortcuts fitness program, taken from this review.


  • The program is not based on a fluke but on a scientific research about EPOC which states that intense cardiovascular exercises help lose fats at an accelerated rate (1)
  • The program comes with various videos and PDF files which provide a detailed schedule, phases and workout procedures in a systematic manner.
  • The visual guidance in videos helps a lot in conducting the program correctly.
  • There are many fitness videos and procedures that may be a little difficult to understand, six pack shortcuts program by Mike Chang explains complex fitness procedures in simple ways.
  • This is one of the few programs that not only focus on losing fats or gaining muscle- this program provides a combination of both and helps in losing fat and obtaining six packs.
  • The program is not all about the workout, but it also provides the nutritional plan to create a balanced lifestyle.
  • The workouts are simple enough that they can be conducted at home or at the gym without any fixed requirements.
  • Workouts are relatively short and easy to do so they do not require an entire day or weeks like Advocare (learn more), in fact, each workout only requires 30 minutes every day.
  • The program comes with convenient sources so that a person may watch videos or learn the exercises throughway PDF file.
  • The program is designed while considering the different body requirements of every person so no one will feel like pushing themselves too hard or not hard enough.

Case study: is garcinia cambogia on a powerful decline?

Chances are you’ve never heard of the Malabar tamarind, but you probably know it by its other name: Garcinia cambogia. It’s a natural weight-loss supplement that’s enjoyed lightening fast media exposure and subsequent sales. It’s all over TV and the internet and people are buying it left and right.

Touted as a miracle cure for being overweight, this powdered fruit is said by some to prevent the absorption of fat in the body. Not only that, but its proponents claim it also suppresses appetite. They also claim mood improvement, thereby ending stress eating.

The rise and fall of Garcinia Cambogia as a weight loss supplement

Almost unknown two years ago, it’s now a household name. More people have a bottle in their kitchen cupboard than you think, if a popular New York Times columnist is any indication (1).

Before 2013, nobody knew what Garcinia Cambogia was. Then, it burst upon the scene, rose quickly to prominence, and has now fallen to half the interest it once had, according to Google Trends. See for yourself:

You can see without question a noticeable spike and a dramatic fall-off of interest in the pill. Why the sudden rise and fall of Garcinia Cambogia, and does it do anything?